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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're still here!

     Yep, we're still here!  I can't believe this is the first post of April and it's now April 30!  To say we've had a stressful month is an understatement.  I'll just leave it at that.  Unfortunately, Churry hasn't had any exciting outings worth sharing about.  We did, however, have the opportunity to do a presentation at my school yesterday to the 2nd graders and we will do another next week for the 3rd graders.  What made it exciting for me is not that my puppy still went crazy upon seeing her friend, nope, not that part, but rather I got to hear a guide graduate and a trainer share a bit about what the dogs do.  It was absolutely amazing to me to hear that you can walk out of a store into a large parking lot and ask your dog to find your car!  That's amazing!  I think I need a dog to help me do that so I don't have to wander around looking foolish!  Or leave your hotel room and they can find it for you again.  Seriously people, I need one of these dogs!
    Back to Churry...what I found interesting about her behavior was that there were two dogs that she did not know there.  These two older dogs (Corvette and Kirkcaldy) came into my classroom with their handlers and, while she sat up and was interested, she remained very much in control.  In fact, one of my little first graders was handling her for me with no problem.  It was when she saw one of the younger pups arrive from puppy class that she went berserk and had a little tantrum about wanting to play!  I really think she would have remained calm with just the older dogs.  Regardless, STILL have lots of work to do.  And, of course, every dog we encounter on our walks she acts like a perfect little lady.  Holds her head up proudly and sticks her nose in the air at the ones that are barking at her.  Keeps her eyes on me and I can almost see her rolling her eyes at their behavior.  But, not when it's really super important that she behave.  Oh, no.  Then, she has the biggest tantrum she knows how to have.  My students were SHOCKED!  They said to me, "We've never seen Churry be naughty!"   Training moments...we'll see how the one next week goes.

Here are a few pics of the presentation.  Of course, the ones of the students petting the pups I couldn't post because I could see too many faces.  Churry, Corvette, and Hepa did enjoy a meet and greet session with the students at the end.  Churry rocked that, of course.  She loves the kids!  And Hepa was able to go try out boarding a bus.  Her friend Churry showed her just how it was done!

Churry is sitting a ways off from her friend so she can focus a bit!

Frog dog just wants to play!

Now, she's pouting!

Finally decided she should maybe lie politely and look pretty like the others were doing.

Hepa depositing the purse at Nancy's feet for her.

The kids loved seeing Hepa carry the purse!  OOOH!  AAAAH!

Good sit!

Churry showing off her favorite skill...Stay.

"Hey, I remember that boy from my class last year!"

"Here up"  (Cue the AAAWWWWS)

"Go up"  Next time, I'll try to find a taller obstacle.  Didn't really think ahead.

"Jump on"

Showing she can walk politely by Hepa!  I like the "cobra" head tail we have going on!

"I can Jump on, too!"