"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it along to someone else." Mitch Albom

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

   I hope everyone had a relaxing and blessed Christmas yesterday!  Churry enjoyed what is most likely (it will be a miracle otherwise) her last Christmas with us yesterday!  She has been so grown up in the house lately.  I very rarely had to tell her to "leave it" even with all of the Christmas baking going on, present unwrapping, etc.  She even got in some snuggles last night with me after all was finally settled down.  She'd been patiently waiting all day for "our time", which she has become VERY accustomed to getting the past couple of months.  We spend this time together each night for about 1/2 hour after the kids are in bed and before I go to bed.  She is so good about not getting on the furniture except for during this "lap time" that she has grown to love.

She thinks there is no problem at all with her being a lap dog!  As long as it's only when she's invited.  If she's begging, I won't let her up there!

She's so good about not licking my face when giving "kisses"!
I LOVE this girl!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Churry learns from the kids well!

     Churry proved once again this weekend what a smart little girl she is.  She sees firsthand the spoiling that takes place with her kids when Grandma is here.  She decided she should get spoiled, too. So, last night, when it was time for bed, Grandma and Churry head down the stairs to go to bed as that is where the spare bedroom as well as the kennel is.  She was very obediently following Grandma down there so I thought all was fine.   Well, about 4:30 I had to get up and who should come trotting up the stairs.  You guessed it, Churry had apparently sweet talked her way out of sleeping in her kennel and had slept with Grandma.  Not on the floor beside her bed, of course, but right in bed with her!  I guess she thought she should get spoiled by grandma, too!  Grandma said she stayed very still and didn't move a bit all night long until she heard me walking around. I guess it's good to know she sleeps well in people beds, too!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Proud, Proud, Proud of my girl tonight!

    Puppy raising is definitely a journey full of road bumps when you think your puppy is not ever going to succeed in what we are trying to accomplish.  But, also one full of proud moments when you think they are finally getting it.  Some when you least expect them.  One thing that I have always worried about with Churry is her complete lack of interest in retrieving anything.  Seriously, who has heard of a Golden Retriever who refuses to retrieve!  It is something I have not pushed with her when playing.  If she's not interested, she's not interested.  But, it is important for her to be able to get items upon request if she's going to succeed in her career if that is what she was meant to do.  So, we've practiced and practiced during "work time".  She will occasionally, more like rarely, get something for me if I beg, plead and bribe.  So, imagine my elation when I was sitting in my chair tonight getting ready to do some writing and I dropped my pen on the floor.  Churry, who was resting nearby, promptly jumped to her feet, walked over, picked it up off the floor, and very gently placed it in my lap!  All on her own!  I was so happy!  So I "dropped" it again.  And again, she got the pen for me and placed it in my lap.  Right away.  No trying to chew on it, carry it off, etc.  Just a kind deed for her puppy raiser!  Love her!

Monday, December 3, 2012

One tired puppy!

      Churry learned some very important things on our second marathon shopping day.  For example, the store in the background is an excellent spot to find her puppy raiser Christmas gifts.
Churry is exhausted after all of the attention from the nice salespeople in the Coach store!

And she learned where the best place to purchase running attire is at.  She thought surely I had tried on enough things at Sports Authority the day before, but learned that one could never own enough Under Armour!

She heard some wonderful Christmas music and saw a great big festive tree!   Several other dogs were in this area, too, but none as polite and well-mannered as my girl!  

Practicing her wonderful heel, but still refusing to walk over a  grate on the sidewalk!
Churry was absolutely exhausted on our long drive home.  She got to have a rest stop at my parent's house for about an hour.  She promptly dove into their pond out back so she is now a stinky puppy!  I think she did it to ensure that she would NOT have to go into one single store more!  She was very happy to be home and have a day off from working today!