"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it along to someone else." Mitch Albom

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Snow Day 2!

In some places the snow is up to Churry's belly, even deeper in fact!

She was sticking her tongue out at Kinsey!  I guess because  Kinsey got to go first in the pictures!

She has LOVED this snow!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Snow Day!

My family enjoyed the day at home together today.  Round 1 of the snow seems to be done.  Round 2 is supposedly still coming.  This is the first big snow Churry has been able to play in.  The other times have not been a real good snow in my opinion and I was worried I'd never get the chance to see her play in "real snow".  But, today, on Kinsey's birthday, we have plenty!

She's had a good time playing outside with Jacob, but keeps getting it packed up in her paws and I have to dig it out.  And her entire belly is caked in it each time she comes in too!  It doesn't slide off of her like it does Bailey.  But, she's having fun anyway!

Not sure what this look is all about!  She kind of looks like a lion!

A rare moment of snuggling...they must have been cold!
And tomorrow, we get another snow day!  More fun to come!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skating is fun!

    Churry had a good time today at the skating rink with Kinsey and her friends.  And, Jacob, too.  She thought the strobe lights bouncing all over and running all over the floor were VERY interesting.  With the lighting in there I couldn't get any good pictures that showed the intent look on her face telling me she really wanted to chase those lights!  Instead, she just laid down like her usual laid back self and napped the whole time.  Except when she got up to pose for a picture and try to figure out what those kids whizzing by had on their feet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's okay, Wildcats!

It was a brutal game in the K-State House last night.  Even though it was fully expected.  KU just doesn't lose 4 in a row, so I don't know why KSU fans were so excited when they did right before they played us.  It just wasn't going to end well.  Churry offered everyone the best condolences she knew how!  No camera and the phone doesn't do very good photos.

She had been sitting underneath a KU person's feet, but she just couldn't take it anymore.  She went to console Jacob.

"I can't even look.  This is awful!"
Churry is all decked out in her working gear because we were at a friend's house.  She treated it as an outing rather than just a night hanging out.  She did great with the food, drinks, a toddler, and all the yelling...for both sides!  She did mention that KSDS should get purple capes for special days so she doesn't have to feel embarassed!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cabella's and Ice Cream-A Treat for Everyone

 By far, Churry's favorite outings are those to Cabella's or Bass Pro Shop.  So, after we were done with puppy class today we headed over there.   She loves looking at the animals, the waterfalls, the fish tanks, etc.  She is very fascinated, yet has never shown any fear or anxiety by any of it.  My favorite part of the store with her is the deer room.  It is closed off and you hear many nature sounds.  It's funny watching her try to figure out where the sounds are coming from.  And, she loves to look over the rail from the 2nd level down to the floor.  Which TERRIFIES me!  I would prefer we not get anywhere near the edge.  I'm glad she's braver than me!   I also love Cabella's because it's one of the few public places I have found to practice stairs at.  She does really well at going very slowly up and down them when asked.

After our outing to Cabella's we went out for ice cream.  I talked a while back about Churry needing to go to more food places.  After this month, she should be well-acquainted with ice cream and coffee shops!  In fact, as we were walking down the street tonight, she caught a whiff of a coffee shop and tried to turn into that door.  Tonight while we were sitting there eating ice cream she started out lying between my chair and the wall.  Pretty soon, she readjusted herself so she was completely underneath my chair, which is a fine place, too.  In fact, it's where I would prefer if she fits.  However, this was a dainty little chair that weighed nothing.  I had no idea how she fit herself in there or how she was going to get out without causing a scene.  (knocking the chair over, panicking, etc.)  She stayed there until we were ready to go, then Pat took her leash so I could stay seated holding the chair in place.  She tried to stand up, which is what I suspected she would do, and then got this panicked look.  Again, what I suspected.  Luckily, she gathered herself together, laid back down, and wiggled her not-so-little self out of the spot without causing a scene.    Good problem solving Churry!  I'm glad everyone in Cold Stone didn't have to witness our exit because she knocked a chair over!  And now, once again, she's acting like she had the most exhausting day ever as she's sleeping on top of my feet.  My feet are going to get really cold when I don't have my foot warmer anymore!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Big Question

       Since I haven't done anything super exciting to write about with Churry, I thought I would use this post to explain the process of puppy raising to those who are interested.  I've had LOTS of questions lately about when Churry is going to turn in for formal training.  The answer is I don't know.  KSDS places their puppies with their raisers when they are about 8 weeks old.  I got Churry on August 5, 2011.

Then, after many months of training (yes, we have a manual), social exposures, messes, celebrations, etc. we get the DREADED LETTER.  I've never received one yet, but apparently it says something about us taking our puppies back to KSDS where they will go through health assessments, behavior assessments, and extensive training to become what they were meant to be.  

When I thought about becoming a puppy raiser, I had the best of intentions.  I strongly believe in giving of my time, talent and treasure to those causes I care about and believe in.  KSDS fits the bill for that.  They are an organization that provides these wonderful dogs to deserving people.  Where else can you see such a direct impact of your charitable acts and contributions.  So, I was going to do this.  Of course, it would be sad to give the puppy back.  But, I was going to be able to keep it separate.  You know, this wasn't my dog.  I have a dog.  I knew that from the beginning.  And at first, it was going okay.  Churry was a holy terror!  She wouldn't potty train, she barked and cried all night long, her teeth left scars on my hands (not in a mean way, but in a playing too hard way), she HATED snuggling...I don't mean to make it sound like I didn't like her because I truly did like her.  And I was determined to make her into a civilized member of our family.  And she was a LOT of fun!  Very playful!  But, I was still able to keep her separate.  She wasn't mine.

When we started this journey, there were 9 litters out ahead of her.  KSDS typically, from what I understand, calls their litters back in order and they only have so much room in the kennels.  No worries, I've got months, maybe even years (a couple anyway).  But suddenly here we are in February 2013.  With only 2 litters out ahead of us.   And one of her sisters gets called back.  And another dog just a couple of months ahead of her got their recall letter.  And a dog from another organization who is her age that I communicate with is going back next week.  These are "our puppies" that are getting called back.   Where did my time go?

And in the meantime, that little holy terror I described has wiggled her little way right into a deep part of my heart.  She snuggles with me every day.  She knows me.  She has licked my tears off my cheeks.   She is excited to see ME!  She actually knows commands that I thought I'd never be able to teach a dog!  But more important than all of those things, I know that she has a purpose in life bigger than being my pet.   And that shouldn't make me sad...because she was born for that, right?

But, it does make me sad.  It's very sad and I think about it on a daily basis.  I hope I have many more months with her.  I hope that those 2 litters are full of dogs that do not get released and take a LONG TIME to get trained so there is not room for my girl.  In answer to all the questions about when she goes back,  I don't know.  In answer to the question everyone has for me about how I'm going to give her back...  I don't know!  But, I do know that even if she gets released I'll do it again.  And I hope that someday, I may be lucky enough to meet the person she was truly meant for.  And realize why we really do this.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy every adventure I have left with her.  I think I could realistically expect that to be through the summer?  I hope?  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boys' Weekend

      I've been pretty busy with my human girls this weekend, so Churry got to have a weekend with the boys.  She has spent tons of time outside playing with Jacob and Bailey.  She helped Pat change the oil in the vehicles, fix my turn signal, take down the Christmas lights (finally),  and a few other "boy" tasks.  She does a really good job of staying right there with him so he doesn't have to call her back hundreds of times and she doesn't mess with his tools.  She's a great companion.   The most exciting part, though, was getting to go to the car wash!  He goes to one where he gets out and does the washing.  He refuses to take our vehicles through automatic car washes.   Bailey went along, too, and they both did a "pretty good job" according to him.  I guess that means they were interested and excited, but not tearing my car apart trying to escape.  They stayed put and watched intently.

     And, Saturday night, Churry shared her bedroom (the basement family room, with 10 teenage girls who were staying with us after their Winter Formal.  She did a great job of sleeping in her kennel and not whining at them the whole night.  She was a good hostess, although I didn't allow either dog to roam free in the house while all of the girls were walking around in their very high heels and fancy dresses having dinner with us.  Neither of my  canine girls are "jumpers", but I just couldn't take the chance of one of them getting them dirty or tearing a hole in a dress because they couldn't resist a closer look at the face of those pretty girls.

The traditional pose that happens before every dance!

I'm positive these were surely the prettiest two puppy raisers around last night!  

These girls are the most fantastic, good-hearted, smart, and beautiful girls ever.  I'm blessed they are all part of our lives!