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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

     Today I enjoyed the St. Patrick's Day Parade with Jet, Jacob, and a friend.  This was a very proud moment for me.  Three months ago Jet would have been frantic at this event.  First, I had no idea how many dogs were at parades!  I've never seen so many dogs at a parade!  All sizes!   Jet was very aware of them, but handled himself very well. Even did very well when the little Chihuhua-ish looking dog wearing a "professional therapy dog" cape came right up to him and barked in his face.  :(  I might need therapy after that!   It was a great outing for him.  I often seek out places with lots of dogs and am not sure where to go because I'm so overprotective of him I worry about the other dogs.  Who knew I just needed to attend a parade.
   Also,  I would have never guessed he had been a puppy that at one time was uncomfortable with people walking near/behind/around him.  He has been in many crowded areas the last month...the mall, Wal-Mart, etc.  He shows improvement each and every time.  But, today, he was amazing!  He maneuvered through people better than I could have ever imagined.  Perfectly calm.  Ignored every hand that reached out.  Stayed close, but was very confident.  AMAZING!  And it was VERY CROWDED!  My baby is growing up.
   Not a thing in the parade phased him, but that did not surprise me.  He has never been afraid or disturbed by loud sounds or commotions.  Today was no different.  Lots of new and unusual things to see...people in animal costumes (although I'm not sure he ever actually saw them), huge blow up ducks, loud bands, batons, confetti everywhere, candy being thrown, floats, motorcycles, the Shriner's funny little cars, etc.  Everything you'd expect from a parade.
    Had I not been worried about him being so hot (this picture was right when we got there, I quickly shed that jacket) we would have walked around post parade to see the festivities.  But, I was worried about how thirsty he seemed to be so we left.  A fantastic outing for him!  I'm so proud of all of the things he has overcome.  He shows such a natural drive to work when we are at home it is amazing.  I am glad to see it is starting to consistently show in public, too.

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