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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pictures of our big trip

Churry did a great job practicing with the wheelchair...other than we need to work on "closer".  She held a "Stay" very well while Nicole wheeled in a circle around her.
Churry did not care a bit about this big moose.  She was ready for her nap!  I wish we would have had more time in here with her.  We will return soon to a Bass Pro Shop or Cabella's for more exploring! 
I knew my girls would be excited and jealous that Churry got to meet Justin Bieber!
Churry did not start off riding very well, but learned quickly.
And she loved the snow!
We practiced Down and Under for the first time on this trip.  Need to work a lot more on this skill!

Churry enjoyed looking at the fish and thought it would be okay to pose in front of them.
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Churry was not going to turn her back on this guy to pose for a picture!

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Looks like she (and you) had a great time!