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Friday, November 30, 2012

Churry's 2nd annual Christmas Shopping Trip

      Each year my mom, sister and I enjoy a girls' trip to Denver.  Well, my mom and I do, my sister already lives here.  When Churry came along last year she had not even had her puppy cape for all that long so it was her first big outing.  I've been reflecting lately if Churry has even improved that much in the last year.  I know she knows a few more commands, but she was such a quick learner as a puppy and has always been really comfortable in public that I didn't really know if I would notice a difference.  I really did, though!  There were many times that I noticed her doing things in such a mature manner that she would not have done last year.  Things like automatic sits while I was looking through racks, AWESOME greeting skills when people asked to pet her, and just a lot more stamina with our endless shopping!  I really put her to a test when I wanted to try some things on.  I left her in a Sit/Stay (with my mom close-by supervising this test, of course) and I walked to a couple of other areas in a pretty large and busy store.  She stayed the entire time and each time I would catch a glimpse of her through racks, etc. she would always have her eyes on me.  I thought it was pretty amazing that she knew where I was the entire time.  And what an awesome stay!  A good 10 minutes of sitting before she broke it to lie down and rest.  Left my camera in the car most of the day, though, so no cute pictures this time! 

     She also was able to visit the rehab center/nursing home my sister is doing her clinical at.  The last time I took her to a nursing home she did well, but was incredibly nervous.  It is definitely not her favorite place, but I LOVE how she greeted a few of the residents today.  She was much more confident today about it!  And I love how excited the residents are to see her.  It truly makes their day to have a simple visit from her.  Don't forget the elderly during this Holiday season.  They would love a visit!

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