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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Proud, Proud, Proud of my girl tonight!

    Puppy raising is definitely a journey full of road bumps when you think your puppy is not ever going to succeed in what we are trying to accomplish.  But, also one full of proud moments when you think they are finally getting it.  Some when you least expect them.  One thing that I have always worried about with Churry is her complete lack of interest in retrieving anything.  Seriously, who has heard of a Golden Retriever who refuses to retrieve!  It is something I have not pushed with her when playing.  If she's not interested, she's not interested.  But, it is important for her to be able to get items upon request if she's going to succeed in her career if that is what she was meant to do.  So, we've practiced and practiced during "work time".  She will occasionally, more like rarely, get something for me if I beg, plead and bribe.  So, imagine my elation when I was sitting in my chair tonight getting ready to do some writing and I dropped my pen on the floor.  Churry, who was resting nearby, promptly jumped to her feet, walked over, picked it up off the floor, and very gently placed it in my lap!  All on her own!  I was so happy!  So I "dropped" it again.  And again, she got the pen for me and placed it in my lap.  Right away.  No trying to chew on it, carry it off, etc.  Just a kind deed for her puppy raiser!  Love her!

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  1. This certainly is a most proud moment with Churry. WOW!!!! That is so awesome ~ Nice Work!!!!