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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Practicing our Mountain goat walking skills!

     While we were visiting my hometown this weekend, we went to the Monument rocks, otherwise known as "the pyramids".  Churry was very interested in all of the smells.  She pulled on me pretty good while we were walking around so I should have probably had her Halti on her.  However, she was very brave about climbing!  In the pictures where we were heading back down to the bottom she went "slow" for a little bit, then pulled ahead.  So we practiced it again and she did much better the 2nd time.  It was a very different surface and type of work for her to try.  She did pretty good, other than the pulling.  I don't know if she'd make it as a mountain goat, but possibly a good assistance dog for someone who would like to climb!

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  1. Nicely done - it is not easy "to climb" with a dog. It takes some practice and coordination not pull each other up or down. Looks like great teamwork!