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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Retirement party

Well, I'm down to the wire with raising Churry!  And I'm having tons of doubts about how I have done.  It seems like she's having lots of little habits popping up that I need to get under control!  This weekend we went to my parent's house for the weekend to celebrate my dad's retirement.

Checking out something good smelling in the grass rather than posing!

She got a bath to clean up for the party...

And got lots of practice with "leave its" and "stays" while preparing for the party...

It was hard work to "stay" while those very fun bean bags were being thrown back and forth in front of her!

And practiced her manners of greeting people and not seeking attention (she needed some work on not seeking attention this weekend!)...
Doing the best she can to not beg for pets from my Aunt Dina, her tail was wagging wildly in this pic!

Doing a great "down" by my side while the guests were arriving
And got lots of pretty pictures taken around my mom's pretty yard!
Did a great "jump on" the first time she was asked

Doing a good job of not plunging into the fish pond like she usually does!

More "Stays" while the guests are arriving

Such a pretty girl!

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