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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jet's my superhero!

    Jet had a fantastic outing today.  We've been working really hard on doing short successful outings the last couple of weeks along with LOTS of practice with me walking behind him, over him, etc.  He's making lots of improvements!  Today, we had a challenging outing a PetSmart.  Lots of other dogs, including Miss Java, another KSDS PIT!  Some of the dogs needed to work on their manners so we steered clear of them.  We don't need any more anxiety with other dogs.  I'm still pleased to say that no matter what he always works on a loose leash and obeys commands.   Then, we headed over to Beauty Brands.  He was fantastic in there, too.  The very narrow aisles didn't allow for much tail wagging, but he did good staying close to my side.

Here's a few pictures:

My little superhero!

Stopping at Churry's FAVORITE spot!  He enjoyed watching the birds as well.

Practicing some down stays

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