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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


        I'm a little late in posting this, but it's better late than never, right?  Last weekend, Kinsey and I went to the KSDS training center for a day of training with all of the puppies.  I was really nervous about how Jet would do because he has shown some anxiety around crowds and other dogs.  Not so much I don't think he will overcome it, but enough that I thought it might be a miserable day for him.  I think it was a breakthrough day for him instead!  He seemed very relaxed!  Minimal whining from him!

So happy to see all of my work with people going behind him is paying off.  Absolutely no popping up and turning around or hugging my leg went on!

     We had many opportunities for hands on training with guidance from the trainers, which was very nice.  He did an excellent job during the sit and down training.  And I learned some tips for how to tweak his "down" position so he will lay with his hips close to me.  It's nice to learn how to improve on what we are doing.  We practiced walking through tight spaces with other dogs to ignore.

I love that he always works on a nice loose leash, even in distracting settings.

    We also practiced some Stays.

     Kinsey had the opportunity to work with one of the retired breeder dogs that was there.  It was a good character building experience for her since this particular dog hasn't had much formal training and doesn't like walking on a leash very well.  Kinsey did well maintaining her patience and determination!

     And we practiced appropriate entering and exiting doors.  I learned that I should have been using the command "follow" rather than "okay" to release him to follow me through the door.  But, that is corrected now.    And we also practiced what it might be like to have to recall our dog and put their leash on while wearing a sleep mask and holding a tennis ball in place between our shoulder blades and the chair.  Jet cooperated and immediately came when called and waited patiently while Kinsey put his leash on.    I love that he didn't make her reach or fuss with him!  She and I both performed this task without losing the tennis ball!

     My favorite part of the day was the obstacle course and the agility course.  Of course, Jet is too young to jump, but he did go up and over the A-Frame with no hesitation.  That's one major difference between him and Churry...Jet is willing to do absolutely whatever I ask him to.  He'd jump off a cliff if I asked him to.  Churry was much more defiant and willful.  She is a great dog, don't get me wrong, but she definitely made her own decisions!  They are both crazy smart, just different traits!

Patiently waiting our turn.

    And we finally got the picture I missed out on since Jet didn't come from KSDS, but rather came to me on a flight from Pennsylvania.  Every puppy needs their picture in front of the KSDS sign before they head out into the big world!  This was actually his first time at the training facility, while the other pups were all born there.  Hopefully, he's not lonely and left out of the dorm social life when he goes back since he's not part of a litter from there!

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