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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deck the Halls! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Jet got to help out with some Christmas decorating this evening.  He was very very interested, but also very good.  I remember Churry had to be put in her kennel during this activity at her first Christmas, so I was very proud of Jet this evening.  Here are a few pictures to enjoy!

We worked on some "closer" this evening.

and some "leave it"

Being silly with Kinsey

He finally came over and just rested his head on me.  He's so sweet and affectionate!


These two and their true love for their dogs!

My greatest blessings in life right here!

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  1. Love the photos!! Kolby has some GDB genes in his family tree, perhaps Jet does too and they are related!! That picture of Jet resting on your leg looks identical to Kolby. There has to be a connection somewhere. Ha! =)