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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Churry Loves the Kids!

    Churry has had a pretty busy week with me including many new experiences.  One of the most fun things for her was learning a new game...hide and seek!  It was a game I had tried with her a while back and forgotten about, but was reminded of on another blog.  It is great practice for her "sit and stay" and works on recall.  Although, as quickly as she found me a few times, I'm pretty sure she hadn't held her "stay" like she was supposed to!  Kinsey had a blast playing this with her after Churry learned the game well.  And this actually worked to my advantage because I could make sure she actually "stayed" until Kinsey called for her.

    On Friday, Churry spent the entire day with me at school with the students for the first time.  She did far better than I could have hoped for!  The students at my school did a fantastic job of just ignoring her in the hallway while she was working.  Then, recess provided a FABULOUS distraction for Churry!  All these running, screaming, loud children playing with balls and jumping around on things!  She would have really loved to go play with them, but she very calmly sat by my side and even showed off some of her commands to a crowd of kids.  Which I'm proud to say she did like a pro even with them crowded around her squealing and saying her name.  

    On Saturday Churry went with us to an event that my oldest daughter was in charge of putting on at a local church for her 4-H club.  It is called January Jamboree and is an event for children to come to to make various crafts.  It's a great activity to get out of the house on a cold winter day, even though yesterday was beautiful.  Churry once again did fantastic around the big crowd of people.  Her biggest challenge during this experience was ignoring things as we were decorating the hall.  I'm pretty proud of the decorations my kids, along with a few of their friends, made.  They turned out pretty amazing!

 Churry was using every ounce of her self control to not play with these balloons that kept falling all around her!
 Waiting very patiently while I was setting up some tables.
 My kids version of the house from Up.  You can't see the mailbox very well that Jacob and his friend created, but it looked awesome!  The snowmen were an addition from some leftover decorations they had created for the event last year and they thought the house needed since it is January.

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