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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cold Winter Nights

   This has been one of the first nights this winter that I've really been unmotivated to walk Churry.  I don't always take her outside walking... sometimes we go on an outing, sometimes we go for a regular walk like a regular dog, and sometimes we do some training with different commands.  But tonight, it's freezing cold, the wind is blowing like crazy and it's starting to snow.  Not to mention I'm stressed about work.  So all that turns into a very boring night for Churry and I feel guilty.  So I got my lazy self up and played a game with her that she's getting good at and really seems to enjoy.  Our basement is in a permanent state of remodeling so it provides us with a nice space to practice because there is minimal furniture.  We went down and played a "listening" game.  It works on all of her commands at once during the game.  I put her in a spot I select and I move away from her to another spot in the room.  Then I throw her favorite toy somewhere else in the room.  When we first started this game she would just take off after it.  Then we worked up to her staying and waiting until I said she could go get the toy.  Now we've worked up to she has to come over to me rather than go get the toy.  When she finally figured out that's what I wanted her to do, she would sprint over to me, "check in" with me as fast as she could and then sprint over to the toy.  But, now, she comes to me and sits until I tell her she can go ahead and go get  it.  Sometimes I mix it up and she has to "stand up" or "lie down" or "stay" while I throw it again.  She is improving at listening to what command I'm going to say every time we play the game.  It's really funny now when I throw it and tell her right away she can go get it.  She looks at me like, "Is this a trick to get me in trouble?"  As usual, I'm always really happy when I get off my lazy behind and do something rather than just vegetate on the couch.    Or maybe I'm actually using Churry to get out of grading papers?  HMMMM?

 I like to practice commands.
 And this new carpet smells VERY interesting!  It's hard for me to listen when I'd rather investigate and sniff every square inch of it!
 Who knew sleeping in this position was comfortable?

And I'm very good while Daddy gives me a pedicure!


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  1. That is a really neat game!!! I am going to steal it! Vance could use work on that!