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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Churry's first "official" day at work

Churry had her first "official" day of work today, even though there were no students there.  I say it's her first "official" day because she actually stayed there all day with me rather than just a few hours.  She did a really good job, except the part when my friend was petting her and she got a little too excited and peed!  Other than that she did well.  Just hung out in her spot and slept most of the day.

After work, she went with me to Kinsey's dr.'s appointment.  She did pretty well staying under my legs/chair for the most part.  She army crawled out a couple of times...I guess hoping I didn't notice?  I put her back a few times and she decided she would just go to sleep.  I was very bothered by that trip, though, because a very well-meaning woman in the waiting room has "trained her own dogs to be service dogs" and wanted to know where she could get one of those vests.  Now, I'm sure she probably really did get them certified as therapy dogs, but when I tried to very politely explain about the program and KSDS she interrupted me and announced that she thinks she could just make one of the capes for her dogs.  Then, she talked to me about how nice it is that she has trained her dogs because now she can just take her dogs to restaurants and everything.  I guess because she pushes them in a stroller and has self-proclaimed them as "service" dogs?    Experienced people....how do I begin to respond to this?   Back to Churry...

Then, our last stop of the day was at the vet to get weighed.  You would have thought the vet tech that she sees every time she goes there was her long lost best friend!  She did her "hugging and whimpering" show with her like she does with me when she hasn't seen me for a few hours such as when I get home from work late.  It was very endearing...and I guess it's good that she's so fond of her!  At least I know she's treated very well there!  I also love that they know both of my dogs by name without knowing in advance who is coming...because for weight checks I just pop in.  They always are very interested in her and remember so much about her!  And they always ask about Bailey, too, which is nice that she hasn't been forgotten just because she's not always with me. 

And her busy day has done wonders for her behavior at home tonight!  She's been very calm and just wants to play with her toys by herself.  And I reassured her I would NEVER push her around in a stroller in public.  :)   I look forward to her spending more time with me at work this semester!


  1. I had a similar experience from a Costco employee a few weeks ago. I just kept responding that the vest came with the dog, that the dog was not my dog, but was from an organization (CCI) who professionally trains their dogs for Service Work. I went round and round pretty much saying the same thing, and she was like the woman you met - she just kept ignoring and talking over me. Sigh. I just try not to encourage "their way", and just continue to state "our way" ... as I am representing CCI, so I just have to mind my manners and etiquette as really, nothing I say will get "those type" of people to "get it". Just being a good representative is all you can really do (in my opinion). Good Job to Churry!!! YAY! =)

  2. I'll second what Elle said. Some people just won't get it. Although, I will say a customer at work told me that too and I flat out told her that people who do that make it a problem for people who actually need service dogs. Now, I've known this client for awhile and have a much better relationship than with someone who is a stranger and might take it the wrong way and then cause more problems. I think you handled it well.

    Churry is really maturing and doing so well. What amazing experiences she is getting. I know those - especially the kids at recess - would make Vance go bonkers!