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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Assistance dog at our house!

       I am a strong believer in investing in quality toys for my kids and not junk.  Toys that promote creativity, imagination, are educational, and promote an active lifestyle.  Therefore, you will not find violent video games in my home or dolls that are dressed like a lady in their 20's going to a club!  What you will find a lot of in my youngest daughter's bedroom is art supplies, books, writing journals, games, but most importantly (according to her) many items from the American Girl store.  Yes, the items from that store are expensive, but have you priced video games recently?   And yes, we do have a gaming system, but the time spent playing it  is limited and the games are mostly active.   But, enough of my soapbox!  The reason why I'm posting about this is that Kinsey's most recent gift from the AG store is a Guide Dog.  It's labeled as a Service Dog, but (and correct me if I'm wrong), it's wearing a Guide harness.  I love that they have such a toy!  They also sell wheelchairs, crutches/braces, and other medical supplies for the dolls.  LOVE IT!   It's a GREAT store that promotes positive self-image, tolerance and acceptance, is age appropriate, and also educational.  Yet, they are not "babyish" dolls that she used to play with.  I'm thinking that this dog will probably belong to Kanani, the Hawaiaan Girl of the Year from a couple of years ago.  Because, Kit, her other doll, lived during the Great Depression and I don't think Guide Dogs were around yet.  I see a research project...Anyway, here is a picture of the little Chocolate lab that came to live here.  She was a gift from my sister in Chicago.  So, it came from the original American Girl store!  I'm sure it must be better because it's from that particular store!

*One more plug for AG...they donated an item to Cabernet for a Cause if I recall correctly!

Thank you AG for teaching acceptance and teaching young girls wonderful life lessons!

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  1. Funny, It has the body part of a service vest but the handle of a guide dog...Hmm. I have known people that need handles for support, but they are slightly different from guide handles. Interesting though!
    I too hope to have Ava play with educational, creative things. No wonder we have a high rate of teen pregnancy drugs, etc.. because it is marketed as cool! Never mind the shows out there...anyway, lol!