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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Other weekend outings

    Besides Cabernet for a Cause last night we also had some other outings this weekend to work on some specific things I had in mind.  This summer when we went to Crown Center in KC I discovered that Churry was terrified of the escalators.  So periodically, we go hang out by the escalators at the mall.  She has gradually gotten less and less afraid of them.  She will now very bravely go onto the metal flooring in front of the escalator and stand or sit calmly on it.  Yesterday, we went back to the mall to visit it because we hadn't been near it in awhile.  It took very little coaxing to get her near the moving step.  I'm very uncomfortable with actually taking her on it myself, so I'm going to let the trainers at KSDS do that part when she goes back.  I didn't even let my child go on it by herself until she was WAY too big for me to still be picking up.  Pinched toes would hurt and I certainly don't want to injure Churry or create a fear that would be too much to get past.  So I'm satisfied with her progress.  I have no doubt that I could get her to actually step on it at this point if I wanted to.
    The mall was absolutely packed yesterday for some reason.  We were there to look at prom dresses for my oldest daughter.  Didn't find one that she would even try on, but it was great experience for Churry walking carefully in between the very tight racks of pretty dresses.  The dresses seem to have LOTS of tulle and bling on them this year, all of which is at Churry's eye level and would be really fun to snuggle and roll around in I'm sure.  But, Churry did great at not rubbing up against it and not grabbing at things.  She also did really well totally ignoring all the people, the train that drives around inside the mall and dings its annoying delightful bell, and the kids at the indoor playground.
     Today, as a result of her performance last night around the other dogs, we went to PetSmart after we were done at Barnes and Noble spending Kinsey's birthday money.  PetSmart is the Wal-Mart for dogs I've decided.  People don't always require their dogs to have the manners I expect from mine.  So it was a great place to practice ignoring other dogs and doing some commands with other dogs getting right up close to her and even in her face at times.  This is definitely NOT a place I would suggest taking a timid dog or one that has fears/dislikes of other dogs.  It's not my favorite place to take Churry, either, but it has dogs.  And she needs dogs.  I'd give her a B for her behavior today.   We spent several minutes just sitting and observing the other dogs.  I made her sit on a loose leash until it was MY idea to move to a new spot.  As a reward I let her look at the birds for awhile.  She loves to do this!  Kinsey thinks we should get a bird for our house.  I think definitely not!  We'll just go to PetSmart and enjoy the birds in there.

She's practicing some commands with 3 other dogs in the aisle with her.  They were pretty close, but I couldn't get them in the picture.  She doesn't have her eyes on me, but at least she wasn't lunging at them and was obeying a command.

She thinks these rain boots for dogs are ridiculous!  I made her try them on anyway!

Trying to get the feel of her cape off her back!

Snow is all the more fun to roll around in.  Works much better for getting that "feel" off of her.

Can't wait until it melts a bit more and is just mud...==[


  1. Walmart for dogs ~ perfect analogy for our neck of the woods too. One too many dog fights (seriously) that I refuse to take my dogs/CCI pup there. We have a "higher end" feed store that we visit for random dog experiences. Sounds like Churry is doing GREAT!!!

  2. Very true! Petsmart/Petco can be very good for pups but sometimes can be more of a hassle than its worth.
    Glad that Cabernet for a Cause was such a hit! Wish I could have gone! I have only raised one pup that LOVES escalators! Would almost pull to go over to them. The others didnt like them or downright refused them.