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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Churry's a good nurse!

This past Friday my youngest daughter had surgery on her ear.  I really had contemplated having Churry go to a babysitter so Kinsey could rest and recuperate on the couches in the living room without being pounced on and pawed at by our dogs.  I was in for a nice surprise!  Both of our dogs have been so sensitive and intuitive that she has been in pain and that there is something not quite right about her.  They both approached her very gently and would just lay their noses in her lap or on her leg.  They both refrained from giving the IV area and the surgery area a big lick like I had anticipated.  And they have neither one let her out of their sight!  They have kept vigil with her.  Bailey at the end of her couch and Churry as close up to her on the floor as she could get.  This is particularly noticeable because when Pat or I are in the room, it is Pat that Bailey is with and myself that Churry is with.  There are very rarely any exceptions to that.  But Pat and I have definitely been booted from the popularity contest this weekend.   One skill that I have learned that Churry has mastered this weekend, though, is carrying things between two people.  She has carried the remote between Kinsey and I several times!  This from a dog who doesn't care for things in her mouth!
      This morning we washed Kinsey's hair for the first time.  Her surgery was on her ear, so the area could not get wet and is still very tender.  So, needless to say, it was a spectacle.  Kinsey is not the best of patients.  She was yelling and crying about how I was getting too close, it hurt, etc. etc.  Even though I know full well not a drop of water got near any of it!  During this whole incident Churry sat outside the bathroom door and shoved her paws under the door trying to get in..  Then, somehow she got the door open and came and basically tried to push me away from Kinsey!  Not aggressively or meanly at all, just wanted me to stop.  When she first barged in I thought, "Great, she's going to jump in, too, and Pat is on another level of the house!"  But, she just sat by me as I finished and looked very concerned.  Needless to say, we didn't make it to church!  But, I've been very pleased with her behavior and sensitivity about being gentle with Kinsey when she knew she was hurting.  I couldn't ask for two better dogs!


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  3. Good post.
    Dogs are very sensitive to humans who are suffering and need comforting. That is why I have several of my dogs registered with me to do pet therapy. I even have one certified to do crisis response to comfort victims and first responders.
    Carolyn Buono