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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Churry goes to work!

   Churry had her first opportunity to go to work with me on Friday.  We had a workday, so there were no students there.  She did a good job with sitting to greet people when we first got there.  Then, while we were working in my classroom she settled down pretty much right away and slept the morning away.  She was a bit alarmed at the announcement on the intercom because she could not figure out where the voice was coming from, but settled down right away after the voice was gone and went back to sleep.  I was relieved she didn't start barking at the mystery person! 

    Today she went on two more outings.  We walked around a VERY SMALL mall that just has a few stores in it.  She was good about ignoring the people, screaming children racing past her, and all of the other distractions that were in there.  We were introduced to automatic sliding doors again and she still doesn't get bothered by anything at all.  We walked through the aisles at Office Max where there were many interesting things at eye level for her.  I was worried she would try to grab something up, but I think she's so irritated by her new Gentle Leader collar that she's not noticing much of anything!  Then we walked through the Goodwill store where there were lots of clothes hanging.  She did really well at ignoring them, too.  One bad thing she did do was have a little tantrum in the store.  Her coping mechanism with this new collar is to throw herself on the ground, roll around a bit, and then refuse to get up.  And when she's on her back with her feet up in the air, it's difficult to get my arms around her to make her stand up.  Luckily, the tantrum didn't last long and she walked very politely back out of the store.  Then we went to the park where there is a kids train that runs.  We didn't ride the train because I didn't have any cash with me.  I actually didn't know it was still running at all.  I thought it shut down Labor Day weekend.  We just sat and watched it pull up and leave again.  I thought maybe it's loud bells and engine would bother her, but no, she just yawned!  Just those darn dancing monkeys that bother my cool as a cucumber Churry!  And I thought we were over the car sickness, but apparently the extended outing today was too much for her because on the way home...But on a positive note, she will load herself into the car!  My back appreciated that!  This doesn't help with the Expedition...so maybe I'll just take the car for awhile until she's big enough to get herself into the bigger vehicle. We are babysitting my parent's dog this week while my dad has surgery so Churry will have some fun company!  Have a great week!

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