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Sunday, October 2, 2011

What in the World is that Giant Bath?

We finally got to take Churry to Bailey's favorite place, the lake!  She was very curious about it when she first saw it and was pretty timid about going in.   Pat dumped her in a couple of times in the really shallow part and she just stood there and stared at him like "Why in the world did you just do that?"  She didn't rush out, but she just didn't know what to think.  One thing she did do was run from me, and fast!  I thought she was running away, but we figured out she was chasing the waves down the shoreline.  She just couldn't quite catch the wave!  It was a pretty busy weekend and everywhere I wanted to take her required her KSDS Service Puppy vest...so I hope I get it soon because she ended up being stuck at home when she could have been with us.  :(  She is getting so big and more energetic by the day!  She's really needing a LOT of run and play time these days!   She and Bailey have a great time in the backyard each night, but we noticed she is trying to chew poor Bailey's neck off.   So maybe she needs to calm down just a bit with her rough housing!

Churry's brother Perdido and her sister Avalon also have a blog I follow if you are interested.  They are in my blog lists.   Perdido must be a very good boy because he goes to church every Sunday.  I cannot imagine taking Churry there!  Great job Daisy (Perdido's raiser)!

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