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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Churry hits Mass Street!

Yes, I know, I know!  I took her on her first official outing to a KU place!  That's only because I thought it was urgent she be warned about them!  Actually, she attended Dogtoberfest in the park and had a fantastic time.  First, we visited the KSDS booth and tried to help out, but she wasn't very interested in sitting and observing.  She had dogs to meet and places to see!  She played Doggie Limbo, which the lady was very impressed with her skills of "down and under".  She said it's the best anyone had done all day.  Good job, Churry!  And then she discovered the fountain, which she had a ball playing in.  And I find that one very interesting, because when it is bathtime at home it becomes a war zone in the bathroom with me being just as wet as she is. Hmmm....Then she saw a very scary looking man, who did NOT have a dog, who did NOT appear to be with anyone except the white dummy he had wrapped around his head that I saw him kiss at least twice.  The scary part is he was wearing a cat leotard, complete with a tail.   Yes, I'm talking about a skin tight leotard like Kinsey wears to ballet.  I told her, "This is what I'm talking about when we visit Lawrence."   I'm hoping there was a good explanation for him that I just am not aware of.  This is after we had already walked through a group of people on the way to the park who I sincerely hope were going to a Halloween party, but I"m thinking were just dressed for the day.  Other than the alarming people we saw throughout the day, Churry had a great time seeing the sights and meeting TONS of very nice people who thought she was the cutest thing ever.  Even the lady who asked about her career and then burst into tears thanking me for what I was doing.  I reassured her Churry was not leaving me tomorrow and that yes, Churry DOES have a very important career ahead of her!  And judging from her behavior today, she'll be a champ at it!  I was shocked at how well she minded her manners and quite relieved, too.
     Then, we went to Pat's work where she was able to experience the sights and sounds of the cabinet building shop.  She handled it like a pro, too!  Sometimes, I worry that she's deaf because she's so calm.  She does look up and notice sounds, she just doesn't react to them.  So that's a good thing, I hope.  The only thing she didn't care for at his work was the paint room.  We determined she must not like the smell coming from it.  That was fine because it's not my favorite place there either.  She was so exhausted that she finally just laid down on the floor and slept through all the racket of the huge generator coming on and off and the really loud air hose thing Pat was using. 
    And the best part of the day was she went all the way from Lawrence to Topeka without getting sick!   

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  1. YAY Churry for doing so well and showing off on your first outing! That's awesome! And, whooo hooo for not getting sick! That's super!