"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it. You're just passing it along to someone else." Mitch Albom

Friday, March 16, 2012

Circus Dog?

    If Churry doesn't make it as a service dog, then I'm sure she has a future as a either a musician or a circus dog after her day at school today.   I was standing with her at recess and overheard a child watching me  through the preschool fence talking to his two little friends...he was telling them about how I got that dog from the circus!  I don't know if he thinks I stole Churry from the circus that was in town a couple of weeks ago or what, but I must say, Churry could have outperformed those dogs hands down!  She knew all of those tricks!

    Since she got to enjoy PE last week, I thought it was only fair I offer her a well-rounded education and take her to music class.  I was especially excited about it today because my class is getting ready for their program and were playing instruments.  There about 10 or so students playing xylophones and metallaphones.  There was also a bong?  (I know this can't possibly be the name, but I swear that's what she called it!).  Churry was definitely fascinated when the bong was played.  She perked right up and watched, but held her Down and Under.  I'm sure she would have liked to try out the mallets herself, but was a very good girl and didn't grab anything as we walked by them.

    And seeing how I always try to put pictures on here to make my blog more exciting...I thought I'd add some of my favorites of Bailey today since she and I enjoyed a nice long walk tonight!  It's also hard to get interesting pics of Churry at school because I'm not going to post pictures of students on my blog.  There's only so many pictures you want to see of her lying under my feet!  So enjoy my other love, Miss Bailey!


  1. Great pictures of Bailey ~ what a fun week for Churry!!! Love the circus comment from the kiddos, how funny. =)

  2. Bailey is so cute. Churry is such a good dog and I love hearing what people (especially kids) say when they see the dogs.