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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fun new challenges!

    I love our monthly puppy raiser gathering!  For one, I've made some fantastic new friends that I love seeing and hanging out with!  And another, it keeps me focused on what Churry needs to work on and offers her a new challenge every month.  Today was definitely no exception!  And for the most part, Churry stepped up to the challenge!  When Lisa asked me to go off-lead, I must say I had my serious doubts, especially since when I removed the Halti she immediately trotted off across the room to go greet another dog.  : (  But, I got her attention back on me and she did a fairly decent job at heeling only with my voice command and a few corrections with me touching her collar.  It makes me realize that I need to continuously step up my game with her...because she will definitely meet the challenge and it's my job to raise her to her highest potential.  Today was by far her most challenging puppy class and she was exhausted last night!  She even slept through dinner at a restaurant afterwards.  She's a smart puppy and I'm a proud puppy raiser!

Enjoy a few pictures of her proud moments yesterday!
Churry is practicing off lead around many distractions.
We switched handlers and I got the privilege of working with Shelby!
Churry is being worked by another puppy raiser.

Warming up

Churry is in the down/stay in front of the Golden on leash and to the left of the girl in the brown shirt.

Churry is in the down/stay at the back of the room with the boy walking towards her.