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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Enough's enough Lady!

      Churry has had a lot of work this week with her obedience skills we've been working on at class...automatically sitting when I stop, down (without being stubborn), extended stays in all positions, giving me objects politely without me having to wrestle them away from her, etc.  She is showing improvement on all of them, but I'm constantly needing to remind myself she is only 9 months old...she's not going to be perfect!  This afternoon was such a beautiful day that she had a lot of time outside playing before I got home.  So when I decided it was time for her to work for awhile, I got a good five minutes out of her...then I got this...
...and that was that.  She was DONE!  She would not come, sit, stand up, play, nothing.  She was going to nap!  So I reached down and took off her Halti...and miraculously, she popped right up and walked around for a bit.  Then she settled at my  feet and napped.  Hopefully, I didn't teach her a bad habit!  :(

   She's been doing so well at our regular everyday outings...Wal-Mart, errands, school, etc. that I'm constantly looking for new ways to challenge her.  Well, tomorrow at school she's going to visit PE class.  That should be a good test for her!

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