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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not a girly girl!

     I have always known that Churry is not much of a girly girl.  She only tolerates being groomed, having her nails done, baths, etc.  But, she has discovered a whole new level of dirtiness this week....the mud!  She LOVES it!  It has been raining all week which has left a lot of muddy areas in our yard, particularly our mud pit that will be a garden here in a couple of weeks, although she's having to learn to stay out of that and the flower beds.  She goes out and runs and plays and ROLLS around in it.  You can tell she is having the time of her life.  I love seeing her SO HAPPY!  When she's done, she gets her stick and sits out in the pouring rain just chewing away, caked from head to the tip of her tail in mud.  She is so sad when I make her come in.  She would sit out there in it for hours!  Besides chewing on her stick, she just likes to sit with her nose to the sky as if she's howling at the moon, and basks in the rain falling on her.  She has taken a lot of extra brushing this week!  :)

     We went on an outing today to repick out tile.  She should have sufficient experience in flooring stores!  Just as we were getting to the store a thunderstorm was in full force.  She hasn't ever shown fear in the house during a storm, but I was glad to see how she reacted in an unfamiliar place, going to and from the car, during a storm.  She wasn't bothered at all.  She's probably learned that is what creates her beloved MUD!  So she's fine with them!

    With all of this rain we are getting, it is putting a bit of a damper on what I have had planned for her this week.  We have been able to go on a few walks in the morning before the rain sets in, but not at all how I had planned to spend my spring break.  We are also in the midst of new flooring, which means we have no laundry and we are down to subfloors in the kitchen.  She will not stop licking up all of the sheetrock dust everywhere! Between this and the rain outside, she has been confined to her kennel more than she is used to when we are home.  Hopefully, the sun will shine this weekend and we can have some good clean non-muddy fun!

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