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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Boys' Weekend

      I've been pretty busy with my human girls this weekend, so Churry got to have a weekend with the boys.  She has spent tons of time outside playing with Jacob and Bailey.  She helped Pat change the oil in the vehicles, fix my turn signal, take down the Christmas lights (finally),  and a few other "boy" tasks.  She does a really good job of staying right there with him so he doesn't have to call her back hundreds of times and she doesn't mess with his tools.  She's a great companion.   The most exciting part, though, was getting to go to the car wash!  He goes to one where he gets out and does the washing.  He refuses to take our vehicles through automatic car washes.   Bailey went along, too, and they both did a "pretty good job" according to him.  I guess that means they were interested and excited, but not tearing my car apart trying to escape.  They stayed put and watched intently.

     And, Saturday night, Churry shared her bedroom (the basement family room, with 10 teenage girls who were staying with us after their Winter Formal.  She did a great job of sleeping in her kennel and not whining at them the whole night.  She was a good hostess, although I didn't allow either dog to roam free in the house while all of the girls were walking around in their very high heels and fancy dresses having dinner with us.  Neither of my  canine girls are "jumpers", but I just couldn't take the chance of one of them getting them dirty or tearing a hole in a dress because they couldn't resist a closer look at the face of those pretty girls.

The traditional pose that happens before every dance!

I'm positive these were surely the prettiest two puppy raisers around last night!  

These girls are the most fantastic, good-hearted, smart, and beautiful girls ever.  I'm blessed they are all part of our lives!

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