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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cabella's and Ice Cream-A Treat for Everyone

 By far, Churry's favorite outings are those to Cabella's or Bass Pro Shop.  So, after we were done with puppy class today we headed over there.   She loves looking at the animals, the waterfalls, the fish tanks, etc.  She is very fascinated, yet has never shown any fear or anxiety by any of it.  My favorite part of the store with her is the deer room.  It is closed off and you hear many nature sounds.  It's funny watching her try to figure out where the sounds are coming from.  And, she loves to look over the rail from the 2nd level down to the floor.  Which TERRIFIES me!  I would prefer we not get anywhere near the edge.  I'm glad she's braver than me!   I also love Cabella's because it's one of the few public places I have found to practice stairs at.  She does really well at going very slowly up and down them when asked.

After our outing to Cabella's we went out for ice cream.  I talked a while back about Churry needing to go to more food places.  After this month, she should be well-acquainted with ice cream and coffee shops!  In fact, as we were walking down the street tonight, she caught a whiff of a coffee shop and tried to turn into that door.  Tonight while we were sitting there eating ice cream she started out lying between my chair and the wall.  Pretty soon, she readjusted herself so she was completely underneath my chair, which is a fine place, too.  In fact, it's where I would prefer if she fits.  However, this was a dainty little chair that weighed nothing.  I had no idea how she fit herself in there or how she was going to get out without causing a scene.  (knocking the chair over, panicking, etc.)  She stayed there until we were ready to go, then Pat took her leash so I could stay seated holding the chair in place.  She tried to stand up, which is what I suspected she would do, and then got this panicked look.  Again, what I suspected.  Luckily, she gathered herself together, laid back down, and wiggled her not-so-little self out of the spot without causing a scene.    Good problem solving Churry!  I'm glad everyone in Cold Stone didn't have to witness our exit because she knocked a chair over!  And now, once again, she's acting like she had the most exhausting day ever as she's sleeping on top of my feet.  My feet are going to get really cold when I don't have my foot warmer anymore!

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  1. Ha Ha! Oh the little things they do (knock chair over). Great exposure practice, food is always a big one. Cabela's is also great for all that.