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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's okay, Wildcats!

It was a brutal game in the K-State House last night.  Even though it was fully expected.  KU just doesn't lose 4 in a row, so I don't know why KSU fans were so excited when they did right before they played us.  It just wasn't going to end well.  Churry offered everyone the best condolences she knew how!  No camera and the phone doesn't do very good photos.

She had been sitting underneath a KU person's feet, but she just couldn't take it anymore.  She went to console Jacob.

"I can't even look.  This is awful!"
Churry is all decked out in her working gear because we were at a friend's house.  She treated it as an outing rather than just a night hanging out.  She did great with the food, drinks, a toddler, and all the yelling...for both sides!  She did mention that KSDS should get purple capes for special days so she doesn't have to feel embarassed!

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