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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Snow Day!

My family enjoyed the day at home together today.  Round 1 of the snow seems to be done.  Round 2 is supposedly still coming.  This is the first big snow Churry has been able to play in.  The other times have not been a real good snow in my opinion and I was worried I'd never get the chance to see her play in "real snow".  But, today, on Kinsey's birthday, we have plenty!

She's had a good time playing outside with Jacob, but keeps getting it packed up in her paws and I have to dig it out.  And her entire belly is caked in it each time she comes in too!  It doesn't slide off of her like it does Bailey.  But, she's having fun anyway!

Not sure what this look is all about!  She kind of looks like a lion!

A rare moment of snuggling...they must have been cold!
And tomorrow, we get another snow day!  More fun to come!

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