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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Everyday life

      Churry has had a lot of typical everyday boring life lately.  Going to work, short trips to pick up Kinsey from ballet, running errands, and going to appointments have been her outings lately.  Nothing exciting, but important learning experiences.  I was most impressed with her behavior at my appointment the other day.  While in the waiting room, I decided to go sit over in the area where the kids wait with all of the toys.  This is a pretty large waiting room and this area was no exception.  It was like a small playroom!  There were about 3 kids in it playing, including a toddler who was running around yelling and throwing a ball.  I was very proud of Churry.  She was in a Down/Under and wiggled out just a bit, but she never got up or whimpered.  She had slack in her leash, but I could still sense her quivering the entire time because she so badly wanted to go play!  She did great!

    At work yesterday, she did awesome!  She stayed under my desk the entire time without trying to walk around or anything.  After school we went to a staff meeting in the library for the first time.  She was not sure about that business.  She thought once the kids had got on those buses and left it was time to go home and play!  So she was a little impatient, but finally laid down and rested.  I was really proud of her because I was sitting at a table with some other teachers very close to her and she didn't try to get attention from them at all.  Some of my girls thought she looked really funny today.  They asked me if she had just had a bath (which is pretty perceptive for 6 year old girls).  I said yes, how did you know?  They started laughing and said because her hair is all fluffy and messy!  She does have a lot of hair growth going on that does look pretty funny at times!

   Overall, it's been a pretty boring couple of weeks for her, but also very good practice of typical boring everyday life.  I worry when I don't take her on "exciting" outings, but the majority of her life will probably be a typical lifestyle like ours so she needs to learn to deal with the monotonous everyday happenings as well as the exciting adventures.  It's interesting to me that this "boring" outings is where she needs the most work, too.  She loves seeing new fun things so on the big exciting outings she is so calm.  It's not that she's not calm with me on these boring ones, but a bit more restless and less willing to sit still for extended periods of time.  But, thankfully, we still have plenty of time for practice!

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