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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Obedience Class

    Churry has undertaken a new commitment on Tuesday evenings...obedience class.  It is a class for puppies and I thought it would be good socialization time for her.  She already knows all of the commands in this particular class, but she does have some tweaking of some bad habits that the teacher is working with me on, such as being choosy about when she's going to obey the "down" command.  It's also interesting for me to hear the methods of training, since I have never trained a dog before.  Some of the things that Churry is working on is sitting directly in line next to me.  She has recently picked up the habit of swinging her hips out or backing up to sit down.  Of course, when we went to Lowe's this evening, she sat perfectly each time I stopped  so I didn't really need to explore the techniques I learned.  She also needs to work on greeting people when she's not in her "uniform".    She's not terrible, but does have a habit of licking and wrapping her paws around your hand when you greet her.  She doesn't understand that every human being may not enjoy her hugs and kisses!  At the end of class, the teacher took out a large "bridge" for them with a ramp at both ends.  I'm sure there is a better name for that, but not being someone with any background knowledge in dog agility I don't know what it is.  Churry loved it!  She was very confident and walked right up the ramp and across the bridge.  I wasn't all that surprised because it was pretty wide and didn't move or anything.  I would love to try some other agility equipment with her.  I think she would have a lot of fun!
      And, unfortunately, Churry's car sickness has suddenly returned!  BLAH!  I don't know if it's because I started taking her without her kennel or what, but it's definitely back.  So tonight, we returned to the kennel to go on our outing.  She didn't get sick, but was drooling like crazy the whole outing, which tells me she was stressed about the ride.  Hopefully, this disappears again soon!   There aren't any particularly exciting events coming up on our family's schedule so we will just focus on some short easy outings to the store to hopefully work through this.  She loves going out in public and seeing everything....just doesn't enjoy that ride to get there.  :(

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