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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Field Day

     It's the end of the school year and so many fun things are going on at school!  Churry was able to experience Field Day at school yesterday.  For those of you that haven't been in elementary school lately... Field Day is typically an outdoor PE day.  At our school, the Kindergarten and First Grade participate in the afternoon.  The theme was the Olympics and we rotated through about 7??? games.  The day was a great opportunity for Churry.  When she goes to school, she is very accustomed to getting in her cozy spot under my desk and, other than walking the kids from place to place, she remains there the rest of the day to snooze.   She loves going to school with me.  So, when I expected her to get out of her comfy spot and go spend all afternoon out in the hot weather WORKING, she wasn't happy with me.  She did a great job of ignoring all of the extra people, balls flying around her, javelins (pool noodles), shot puts (shower scrubbies),  kids running, etc.  There was even a game that used these gigantic balls that were taller than me.  She found them rather fascinating, but didn't try to go after them.  And if she didn't have enough distractions, we are very close to the racetrack and this weekend is the NHRA Drag Race nationals so the cars were practicing.  The sounds really caught her attention and she would have liked to go see what the noise was.  That is one outing I'm not going to endure for her!  The longer the afternoon dragged on, though, the more she rolled around on the ground and tried to eat leaves and sticks off the ground.  I had to give her many many "walk breaks" to relieve her boredom of just sitting beside me.  It was hot and she really didn't want to wear her Halti one more minute!  Her portable water bowl was a lifesaver.  I was really glad I had remembered to bring it.  She was very happy when we returned inside to the air-conditioned classroom.  She practically fell over into her spot and didn't move a muscle for the last hour of the day.  I even let her take her cape and Halti off so she could get some extra love from some teachers as we were walking out for the weekend.   I learned she definitely needs some more outdoor outings.  Good thing summer is coming!

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