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Friday, May 4, 2012

Churry's First Concert

      Tonight we had the opportunity to go listen to my good friend sing with one of her band members at a coffee shop here in town.  I wasn't sure how loud, crowded, etc. it would be.  It turned out to be a great experience for her.  It wasn't crowded, but she still had exposure to the sounds of singing in the microphones, clapping, etc.  so it was perfect for her.  We were in a booth right in front of the two people singing and a speaker.  It didn't phase Churry a bit, she went straight into a down and under and hardly moved a muscle until we left.  Jolleen even commented how surprised she was at how fast Churry settled and went to sleep.  I was pleased that Churry didn't think the clapping was for her and jump up after every song!

     We have been working on a skill with Churry this week that she has not caught onto very well and clearly does not enjoy yet...Take it and Hold it.  If it's not something that she can chew on or eat, she would prefer it not be in her mouth!  She will now "Take it" the first time I offer, but is not interested at all in holding anything.  If I do get her to hold it for any short amount of time she will immediately drop it as soon as I step away or stand up.    If anyone has any suggestions for how to teach this I would appreciate it!  Here is a picture of one of our attempts this week.  You can see the displeasure radiating out of this picture!   Doesn't she look pitiful?

I think she likes the new floors!

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