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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

     Happy Mother's Day to all of my readers who are mommies!  It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to be a mother!  Today, after being greeted in bed with breakfast and a card I was able to spend the day relaxing.  They gave me my wonderful gift on Friday night, since I was getting ready to run in the dark once again and the gift was a reflective belt.  The reflective vest is on the way so I will be much safer!    Once Tayler got home from work, we took the dogs to the lake for the first swim of the year and then visited Pat's parents for a while.  I was stuck in bed sick yesterday so Churry didn't have too much fun this weekend other than this.  She LOVED the lake!  It was the first time she'd been able to get in since last fall when she was a tiny puppy and didn't yet know what to think.
Loved swimming!
And always managed to shake right by the girls to get them good and wet!

It's a rare event that Bailey's in charge of the playing and she was determined not to let Churry take over this activity/toy!

Churry has not yet mastered predicting where Pat's going to throw it like Bailey has so she was always the second one there.  Usually she just takes toys away from Bailey, but not today.  This is Bailey's favorite place and game!

Churry finally got to carry the stick because Bailey was in time-out!

They can work together to do something!
Finally wearing down!

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  1. Aw, what a fun day!!! Churry and bailey look like they had a blast! Happy MOther's Day