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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Little Girl's Dream

       During the time we've had Churry, Kinsey has asked several times if she could play dress-up with her...because what other game would be a little girl's favorite, right?  And then, when she saw a fellow blogger's puppy in training getting to play dress up she really has been grilling me!  So, I finally gave in this afternoon.  Lucky for Churry she only had just a few minutes before we had to leave for an appointment.  And, Kinsey did a very good job of putting things away, which is always the reason behind my hesitation on that request.  I did, however, say no to putting the First Communion dress on Churry!  She's a good dog, but, I just don't have that kind of trust.

Of course, we had to get on some K-State attire...

If you look closely, you can see the powercat on the front.  Churry didn't care to wear this for very long.
And, we dressed up like a circus elephant...

And, we practiced wearing some socks again.  Churry had a pair of socks put on her a while back and she provided quite the entertainment trying to walk in them.  Today, she chose to just stay laying down while wearing them.

I'm sure this game will be repeated when she has more time and knows that Churry is very cooperative!


  1. Great practice for a future Social dog!!

  2. Haha - LOVE IT!!! I'm glad that your little sweetie got to enjoy this moment and memory with Churry. =)

  3. Haha, that last picture made me laugh. "Fine, whatever, put socks on me. I don't care."