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Friday, July 20, 2012

Heat Wave 2

    I am DONE with this crazy heat we have been having!  I would not survive well in the desert.  I worry about taking Churry out in this heat even to air-conditioning because the asphalt and concrete is so hot.  I need to think about some late evening outings.  In the meantime....we have been having fun in the backyard pool and staying cool inside.  I'm pleased that she continues to jump on the surfaces I ask her to.  She still requires some enticement into the Expedition, but a toy will get her to hop right in.  It makes taking her places much easier!  She also has discovered that bath time really is enjoyable.  I thought maybe I had just lucked out a couple of weeks ago, but tonight she behaved like a perfect lady for her bath again.  I had my camera woman prepared to capture the moment this time because I wasn't worried about my camera taking a bath!

Keeping a "Stand up" command

Sampling the shampoo...she must have approved of the new bottle!

Always up for a snuggle with Jacob...those two are best friends!

I'm always amazed by the amount of hair she has compared to Bailey.

Enjoying the AC and getting some afternoon pettings

She LOVES  to hold hands while getting attention.

She sat there for the longest time like this except her head was lying on  my leg.  She lifted it up right when Kinsey took the picture.

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  1. All those bath pictures make her really look like Shelby's sis.