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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

      I love the festivities at this time of year!  Yummy food, fireworks, friends and family!  Churry has done a great job with the fireworks.  Last night our neighbors all put on what seemed like a professional fireworks display!  I thought it would be a great opportunity to desensitize Churry to them rather than take her with us to the lake where she is not in a comfortable situation.  I also worry about other people being irresponsible with their personal fireworks, so she's staying home tonight.  We sat on our front porch where we sit every night and it's a very enjoyable place for her...it's where I snuggle with her, groom her and sometimes feed her.  It's our bonding spot.  So it was a great place for a positive experience.  Now, when the smaller firecrackers are going off, she looks at them, but is not bothered at all.  When the first big one went off, however, she jumped up and crawled behind me, shaking.  I made a big deal of being positive and immediately playing with her.  She also got a treat once she sat back down.  Each time another one went off, she got more and more relaxed.  By the end she had a routine down...she started off lying on the porch beside me.  Then, the guy would carry it to the street and she would stand up and watch.  Then he would light it and she would move behind me to watch, but didn't shake or get scared or anything.  Then the spoiled girl would come around, sit in front of me, and look at the pile of treats I had sitting there.  But, she overcame her mild fear!  Great job Churry!

  Once she figured out she was safe she enjoyed watching them.
Relaxing in between shots.  She's on her leash even though you can't see it here.

Enjoying the daytime fireworks and remote control trucks

Happy 4th Everyone!

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