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Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally, a fun outing!

       Today, we finally had a beautiful morning that I've been waiting for for quite a few days!  Now, if  I was a morning person, I'm sure it might be okay out at 5:30 a.m., but I find NO reason whatsoever to be out and about at that hour.  But, today, it was even nice later on in the morning.  I took advantage of the nicer temps at the Discovery Center by doing my weekly visit outside.  There is an outdoor adventure/obstacle course and nature trail there.  Being mostly shaded it was really nice.  The nature trail has wood chips/bark type of surface that Churry really had never done much walking on.  It was good practice for her to walk and not sniff and eat wood chips.

      Then, at the obstacle course, there were many things for her to practice and try out.  A few weeks ago we had visited the park and practiced walking on narrow elevated surfaces.  We were able to do that today, too.  They have these large logs, some wide and some narrow at various heights for kids to walk along like a balance beam.  It took a lot of coaxing, but she walked across it a few times for me.  Even the log that rolled back and forth as you walked across it.  She did a lot of practicing jumping on different logs and stumps.  She discovered that she really enjoyed jumping over logs, too.  She is quite the jumper!  One of her favorite things was a large black tunnel (I'm assuming it is what they would use underground like in a sewer).  I had her Sit/Stay at one end and then go to the other end of it to call her to me.  She didn't hesitate at all to go through the dark tunnel.  She has also done a tunnel at agility class and really like it there, too.  We ended our time playing on some musical instruments.  She loves to listen to various sounds wherever we go.  She is always very curious and content to sit and listen for a long time.

      And, most importantly, I talked to a few people about KSDS and the wonderful dogs!  People are always so interested in the amazing things they do for people!  It was our last visit there for awhile because I will start working at school again next week.  It has been a wonderful opportunity for her this summer and I am so grateful for the kindness the employees always showed!

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