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Monday, July 9, 2012

Such Maturity Today!

     Although, Churry is very much still a puppy, and acts like it at inopportune times, every now and then I will be pleasantly surprised at how well she does at something.  Or, we will be doing something that we regularly do and I will have to stop to ask myself, "When did she get so good at this?"  Some things we work and work and work on so I can see progress, and other things just kind of slip into place with maturity and I just suddenly notice it one day.  Today, was one of those days.  When Churry was a puppy, bathtime for her was a warzone!  It took both Pat and I to accomplish the task and by the end of it the dog, the bathroom, the people, the floor, and everything else in sight was sudsy and wet!  It has progressively gotten better.  I can now bathe her by myself even though I still prepare to be soaked and prepare to be involved in a small battle with her.  Why she has hated her baths so much is a mystery because she loves water, both swimming in it and being sprayed by a hose or running in a sprinkler!   Today it was bath day.  During the summer, I've been bathing her outside, which is nice because it's a lot easier for clean up afterwards, although it presents a new problem because the instant I let her go she is notorious for going and rolling around in the dirtiest spot in the yard she could find.  Today, we were standing in our spot on the edge of the patio out back and I was getting things ready.  I happened to say to her, "Come on", not meaning for her to do anything just talking to her.  Well, clearly she heard "Jump on" and jumped right up onto the table (the one we practice jump on with and NOT the one we eat at) and sat right down.  Now, I was super excited because Jump on is not a command she particularly loves and she has NEVER jumped onto that table without coaxing and a chair to break up the journey onto the table.  Then, to SIT DOWN without being asked!  She was really showing off her skills.  I decided we could just do our bath right up there.  She remained in a sitting or standing position exactly like I asked the entire time, didn't try to run away, jump down, wiggle away, nothing!  Just remained calm in the position I asked for the entire time I bathed her!  I was so impressed with my girl.  Where do these sudden moments of maturity come from?

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