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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handwriting and spelling for Churry, too!

    While  Churry was on vacation with her friends she heard them bragging about how their puppy raisers taught them to write their names.  So, I reassured her that I know all about teaching handwriting and spelling.  She did a great job!

First, she had to hold a down/stay while she learned how to spell it.  This took a while since I kept having to scoot the letters over to fit on the towel.

Then, she had to do some commands around it.  Such as down, stand, sit, etc.

After that, she practiced walking over the top of it while "leaving it".

It has been SOOO good to have her home again!  We have been practicing some of the tips we learned at Pups days, such as changing pace.  It took us a VERY LONG TIME to walk around our block tonight.  We also went to Wal-Mart last night and practiced left and right.  I was pretty sure she was learning it before she went on vacation and Mandy verified that she knew it, too.  So we practiced it in public and she did fantastic!  I was very pleased!  I love when I can see progress with her.  But most of all, I love having her snuggles when I get home from work!

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