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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Trip to the County Fair

     It's been a few days since I've posted,  but Churry had the opportunity for a few new experiences this past week.  Last Friday, we went to the county fair.  Our fair is not like a typical county fair with a carnival, etc. but there were still some things for her to experience.  Besides the general crowds and learning to ignore people and other distractions, she was able to experience chickens...loud chickens.  They were in cages about 4 feet off the ground and I didn't think it was probably appropriate chicken viewing manners to have her "go up" to look at them.  So we just practiced walking past them politely.  We also walked by many tables with artwork, food, lego projects, and a variety of other things.  She didn't seem interested or distracted by anything.  After some walking around, I found a chair and had her practice in a Down/Under position, which she does not enjoy for any lengthy amount of time at all.  She did a pretty good job.

     While we were there, an elderly woman walked by pushing her husband in a wheelchair.  The man stole my heart when he very kindly asked if his wife could pet my beautiful dog.  Such a gentleman!  I said of course.  So, I had Churry sit and then told her she could pet her.  She said she would have to sit down, too.  So I looked to see if there was a chair nearby, but before I could even do anything to assist her, she dropped to her knees and gave Churry much the same attention that the lady at the nursing home did.  She, too, told Churry over and over how much she loved her and just kept hugging  and petting her.  Thankfully, Churry was very good because this woman could not stand unassisted and I would have been mortified if she would have knocked her over.  I, of course, had my arm around Churry's chest to act as a barrier just in case.    When she was done petting her she pulled herself back up and they continued on their way.  What a sweet couple!  Determined to maintain their independence!


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