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Sunday, August 19, 2012


       PUPS days at KSDS was this weekend.  I was so excited to go get my sweet girl back from her vacation!  I had wonderful reports about her behavior from Mandy and Lisa so that made me happy.  Kinsey went with me and both of us had a great time and learned a lot on Saturday.  At PUPS days we are able to have a session with a vet to ask questions about our puppy's health and listen to what they have to say.  We also heard from a panel of graduates about their experiences with their dogs.  There was a Service dog team, a Social dog team and a Guide dog team there to visit with us.  It's always very inspiring to me to listen to the graduates talk and be reminded why I'm doing this even though it's SO hard to imagine Churry not being mine one day.  The thought of never seeing her again breaks my heart!

     One of my favorite parts of the day was the Disability awareness exercises.  I forgot my camera so don't have too many pictures of Kinsey and I...just some I stole from a friend.  :)  Hopefully, Lisa has a few more of us that I could share.  Kinsey practiced counting money blindfolded.  She even counted out the correct amount the first time!  Then she made a peanut butter and pretzel sandwich while blindfolded using only her left hand.  That was quite a task!  We went on a blindfolded guided walk with one of the Guide dog trainers and practiced with Churry using a walker and a wheelchair.  It's good to experience a few of the challenges that graduates may have on a daily basis.  Kinsey was able to work Clara and Enosdale this weekend so she could get some practice as well.
Getting ready to play some puppy Bingo

Churry did a good job with commands this weekend.

Hanging out with Perdido

Churry is sitting up watching something while Perdi just relaxes

Beaches Puppies....from left to right:  Perdido, Ormond, Ventura and Marco

     Churry also was able to reunite with 4 of her littermates this weekend.  It was fun to see them together and see how they all look as grown up puppies! 

    Churry was tired and very excited to get home last night.  I'm so happy to have her home!

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