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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Challenge Air

      I had the wonderful privilege of attending Challenge Air today.  It's a wonderful program that allows children with different abilities to come to the Downtown Airport, learn about planes, and then get to fly in one.  I was only there for just a bit because of Jacob's football game, but looked like an amazing experience for the kids while I was there.  It was also fun to visit with people about KSDS and hear their wonderful comments about our beautiful puppies, even though mine was acting atrociously!  She had been in the car for over an hour and usually when she sees all of her puppy friends, she gets to play with them for an hour before she has to work.  We did manage a few moments of civility, though.  She practiced a Stay while on the firetruck.  She also handled herself well while a variety of people talked to her and pet her.  And she watched the model airplane flying around above her for a bit.  Not a bad outing for just an hour, I just wish I could have been there longer for her to really settle in and take in the experience.  She also got to say hi to her sister, Miami, but I didn't think to get their picture together.  I was surprised to see how much bigger Churry was than her!  She was acting like a perfect little lady while Churry was throwing her little fit.  I guess she needs to remind me she's still a young pup every now and then and has a long ways to go before she'll make it as an assistance dog...

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  1. Challenge Air sure sounds like fun, never had the privilege of going, but always has a good turn out. Good training for all!