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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lost Opportunities

     I feel like this week was the week of lost opportunities for training Miss Churry.  On Thursday, I had planned to take her to Jacob's football scrimmage.  As it turns out I wasn't able to go because apparently hanging favors on 56 Cross Country runners lockers takes MUCH longer than I anticipated!  Live and learn!  Next time I will definitely have the process improved and the magnetic tape will already be in place on the favors BEFORE I go to hang them up.  Attaching them with masking tape was a ridiculously long process.  And when lockers are replaced sections at a time rather than all at once, they end up with a very random numbering system in a school of around 2000 students.   I'm glad it was just a scrimmage I missed!

     On Saturday morning, she was supposed to go to her first Cross Country meet to watch her girl, Jordan, run.  That didn't pan out either, as Jordan still is suffering from tendonitis and wasn't released to run yet.  :(  Her season might possibly be over before it starts.  We'll still attend a meet with Churry, but we didn't feel the need to drive an hour to watch Jordan be a team supporter.  We'll wait for a meet that is in town or one that Jordan can run in.  I thought it would be interesting to watch how Churry reacted to watching one of "her kids" running by  while she's expected to stay sitting.

     So instead, she has had lots of walks this week.  We've seen lots of annoying little yappy dogs that we had to ignore, a cat (who was a trooper about us practicing close to it), and LOTS of traffic.  We generally don't have quite as much traffic on the street we were on, but there is lots of construction nearby redirecting traffic.  I was so excited when I was waiting at an intersection with Churry for a car to pass, and right when I was getting ready to take a step to cross, Churry looked behind me for traffic!  I've noticed her looking right and left before (which is not something I've ever taught her), but I thought it was pretty smart of her to know to look for traffic coming from behind me at that particular intersection.  She's such a smart girl!  Again, I can't take credit for teaching her any of that, she's always just done it.

  Hopefully, we'll have a more interesting week coming up!

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  1. Sometimes even the most common things, dogs have problems with, so glad you took all the opportunities, even if not spectacular, and made it training time :)