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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clothes Shopping Day!

     Each year I take all four kids on a shopping spree for fall/winter clothes.  It's been a tradition for quite a while that Jacob goes by himself just here in our town because his enthusiasm just isn't quite as great as the girls'  :), but this year Kinsey ended up tagging along because we went to a larger shopping center that she enjoys.    And also, because she felt he needed some approval now that he's getting older and needs to be dressing nicer.  Hmmmm.   Mom is not sure how she feels about this, especially when he requested some cologne.  I bought it for him, thinking my years of this tradition with him may be limited and he really is easy to shop with so he can have some if he wants.  He was also a bit more enthusiastic because Churry went with us this year.  I'm not sure she will get to accompany us on the girls' trip...it gets a little out of hand with how many bags I have to carry and the number of trips I make going back and forth bringing different sizes.  Churry is an excellent shopper, too, so it's not something she needs to practice.  She can spend the day with Jacob and Pat on that day because I can assure you THEY don't go!

      I love taking her to Legends because of the masses of people to practice with, the fountains that she still thinks she would like to play in, and the many different sights and sounds that are there.  One that is fun is the T-Rex Cafe.  The huge dinosaur statues, crazy roaring sounds blasting everywhere, etc. were great distractions for her.  I didn't have the patience or time to go in and eat, but that would be quite a test for her.  So, we settled for the distractions outside.
She looks very proud to be sitting so calmly!

Did a "go up" like asked

The motorcycle was rotating around in a circle.  She was fascinated by it.

Handling the fountains very well.

This was hilarious!  There was this tiny little bench that she was trying as hard as she could to go "Under" and just couldn't wiggle herself under there.  She finally settled for this.

She sat there and stared at the other dog while Jacob was trying on clothes.  Will she ever understand a mirror?

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