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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Introducing Clara!

      My family has the privilege for the next few days of watching Clara, another KSDS PIT.  She's a very pretty Golden Retriever Breeder Candidate.  We brought her home this afternoon and she is having a great time playing with Bailey.

Here they are doing some synchronized poses of some sort.

She almost immediately went to Churry's very favorite spot and  plopped down for a rest!

Showing Bailey how to make her ears stand up like this!
"See, you just hold them out like this.  I think you're getting it!"

Getting out some extra energy from her big day at Challenge Air

Posing nicely

Until she noticed we are on a golf course and the golfers were very interesting!

"No really, what are they doing with that ball?"

"I can't look now, they're putting."
 She handled the golf course very well.  She just sat and watched and didn't try to retrieve any of the balls people were "throwing" for her.  I'm amazed at how well the dogs do back here because the golfers are literally right there and often the ball is rolling by within a few feet.


  1. Glad Miss Clara is doing well for you! And keeping Bailey entertained! She looks like she has settled right in - what adorable photos.

  2. How cool! looks like fun for all! Glad Clara is doing good with her puppy sitter.