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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Normal Little Walk Turns Scary???

      Churry cracks me up sometimes!  This is not a big or interesting post, but kind of funny because she's so silly.  We were doing our normal little route tonight...visiting with the same kids, passing the same yapping dogs, etc.  when all of a sudden she stopped dead in her tracks and wasn't budging.  There was a very scary GAS CAN sitting in OUR sidewalk!  She stared it down for a bit, then finally decided it was safe, but she carefully walked around it with her eye on it the entire time.  Then did a little hoppity hop when we were going by it to make sure it didn't get her from behind, I guess.  Funny girl!  Why she wasn't scared of the loud lawn mower going less than 10 feet away I don't know.  I can see why they small red gas can would be much more intimidating...

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