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Sunday, October 28, 2012

My little foodie!

    Churry, for the most part, hasn't had really bad habits to break.  But, here lately, she has developed a liking to people food.  There has been very few times during my time raising her that she has shown interest in food on the table...crumbs on the floor is another story and one that needs attention as well, but for now we are focusing on the very bad habit that seems to be developing.  She has always laid on the floor by my side during mealtime at home and doesn't beg, etc.  My family knows they are not allowed to speak or encourage interaction with her at all during dinner time so she has never really solicited it.

This is her spot.  My chair is at this end.

Unfortunately, she has made the connection that those yummy crumbs are from the food that is up on those plates and she has become a regular little pest.  Well, it really caught my attention last night when were having my oldest daughter's birthday party and I was sitting visiting with my family.  The next thing I knew, Churry had quick as lightning eaten my cheesecake sitting on my plate on the end table next to me!  I was NOT HAPPY!  So today begins some serious food refusal training.   Pat was appalled that I just set plates of food on the floor, but I didn't know how else to start out, so this is what I did.  I told him I would clarify for my readers that we don't just put plates of food on our kitchen floor on a regular basis!

I was very proud that she held her stay as I set them down.

Then, she actually wimpered at me because I guess she thought she was being terribly mistreated.

She finally let out a huff and relaxed.

And eventually just went to sleep, but not before staring at it for a solid 15 minutes!  
I started off sitting in my chair right next to her giving her encouragement to do well.  Then, I moved around in the kitchen to see if she would still obey (with Pat in his chair to step in if need be).  I then left the room.  Pat said she watched me leave, looked at the food, then looked at him and thought better of it!  But, at least she didn't make a move for it.  Of course, she always does things right when I'm having a specific training session for her, it's times like last night when she's just hanging out with the family that she has problems with things.  That's why during her "training time" today, I left her off leash and no cape on.  I was proud that I never had to grab her to keep her from moving towards it.   We'll keep working making the task harder and harder!

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