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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Very Proud Mama Today!

     I haven't posted too many pictures of football because I knew this day was coming and I'd take a lot of pictures!  I'll not bore you with too many.  Jacob got to play at Bill Snyder Family Stadium today!  Home of the Kansas State Wildcats for those of you who don't know that!

Obviously, he's not in a Wildcat uniform yet, but this moment may never come again so I had to get lots of pictures!

He's lined up on the end.

Now on to the topic of the blog...Miss Churry!  She also made her first trip to Bill Snyder Family Stadium today.  She did awesome as usual.  One of the challenges we encountered was the grates you see in the picture behind us.  We had to cross one to get to our seating area.  She stopped dead in her tracks when we were walking in.  After studying it for a few seconds she leaped over it.  I couldn't hold people up right at that moment to practice, so we went back after the game was over and practiced.  She eventually crossed it.  In a very humorous manner, but she crossed it!  I wish I had a video camera of her braving it!  As far as sitting in the stands, she was a pro.  There were kids pounding up and down the bleachers, throwing balls around her, etc.  And as always, she got tons of attention from some kids.  She's doing so well at not seeking the attention out and behaving very appropriately when the attention does come her way.  The rest of the time she just enjoyed the game and cheered on her favorite little player!

Her favorite football team runs out of this area behind us on game day!

And they play right here on this field!  Some of you may have seen them giving those Jayhawks a whipping yesterday!

She really wishes she had been there to see that!

And ducking her head under the seat gave her a nice view as well!

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