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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ballet Class with Thunder!

        Nope, not bad weather.  But, rather, the ballet teacher's yellow lab that roams the studio every evening.      He's a perfect unofficial Social Dog!   PERFECT MANNERS!   I've had several conversations with Miss Linda about being a puppy raiser.  She has such an ideal job to raise a puppy at.  And looking at Thunder, she clearly knows something about raising a dog well.  I prodded some more tonight...hopefully, in the future I'll see her with a little puppy in a blue KSDS coat!!

      I have to share about Thunder tonight, though.  It was seriously the funniest thing I've ever seen.  The class was in a circle doing their stretching.  Thunder went and joined in the circle.  First, he was sitting like they were.  Then, they got on their tummies.  So did Thunder.  Then, they got up on their knees with their bottoms in the air.  SO DID THUNDER!  I about died laughing!  I don't know if he always does this routine, if he was doing it on purpose or if it was a coincidence, but I would have done about anything for my camera.  It was probably much funnier in person so you may not think this is very funny, but I promise it was.  He is such a good dog.  Kinsey always tells stories about him and his antics.  It always strikes me as funny in general to see this very classical ballet class going on...black leotards, pink tights, hair in buns, etc.  and this big old yellow lab hanging out with them.  But, tonight, just really made my day!

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  1. I enjoy observing other's dogs - this guy sounds like he adds a lot of entertainment. I can picture it, my girl was a dancer but at her studio, Haddie was not welcome. =( She is no longer dancing there (but that's not the only reason why :)). Your studio sounds perfect!!!